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April 27, 2007

Currently, I'm making the Wordpress move. I will no longer be blogging through FreeWebs!!! IF YOU'RE HERE FOR THE GIVEAWAY - READ POST BELOW! I feel so naked and bare at the new place...I don't have all of my old posts and banners. It's so fresh and new again!!! I'm hoping to get everything in place at the end of the week. Pls. forgive me as I have not been able to participate in any of the challenges...nor have I been able to blog- for that matter. My son's 1ST EARTHDAY BIRHTDAY was incredible and went by without any crazy happenings. We had a blast. I will definitely post more about this later in the week. For now, I wanted to let EVERYONE know that I'm moving to a new and improved site- you'll be able to leave comments....woohooo.....!!! I know, it's silly- but for me it's a huge milestone. So, I will do my best ASAP to get back on the green wagon and keep you all informed. BTW- I'm not sure how I will incorporate the ECO-BLOG, & NATURAL IMAGES at my new place- but I'll figure something out.

Ready...  come over and visit! Hope to eco-chat soon!

Baby Tree - Arbor Day/ Mother's Day ***Giveaway***

April 24, 2008

 I wasn't planning to host another giveaway so soon...but...the Tree In A Box company gave word that they  would like to donate a Baby Tree seed kit  to ONE LUCKY WINNER. Since Arbor Day is tomorrow and Mother's Day is just around the corner- this seed kit is the perfect for both occassions and is a wonderful gift for expectant mom's and new moms alike!  The Blue Spruce is one of the most admired and widely known of all North American evergreens. A mountain tree, it has been successfully planted over most of the USA and throughout Europe. It is also known as the Silver or Colorado Spruce and is part of the Pine family.  The Baby Tree is a great way to celebrate the birth of a child with a symbol that will last a lifetime. The box design is infant-oriented and the booklet contains more information about the traditions and mythology of planting a tree when a child is born to bond it with nature.

    - Share the ancient tradition of planting a tree when a child is born to ensure long life, prosperity, and an eternal bond with nature.

    - According to ancient wisdom, birds and animals moving through the branches of a tree planted for a child, bring that child special insight into the accumulated wisdom of human life.

     Arbor Day is a nationally celebrated holiday observance that encourages tree planting and care. The benefits that trees provide are numerous and can be found at the Arbor Day Foundation site here are a few:

    * "One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people."—U.S. Department of Agriculture

    * "If you plant a tree today on the west side of your home, in 5 years your energy bills should be 3% less. In 15 years the savings will be nearly 12%." —Dr. E. Greg McPherson, Center for Urban Forest Research

    * "The planting of trees means improved water quality, resulting in less runoff and erosion. This allows more recharging of the ground water supply. Wooded areas help prevent the transport of sediment and chemicals into streams."—USDA Forest Service

     My favorite trees are the Giant Sequioa's or the California Redwoods- I couldn't even imagine life without these living beings. They're so majestic and mystical. Deforestation is taking place all over the world - even in our National Parks! It is an unnatural process and takes many, many, years for the "cut" areas to grow back! Besides, that, these area look so devastating! Trees provide oxygen and absord carbon know, the stuff, that causes global warming!!! So, the more trees we plant and the less trees we cut down- the better! Better for our atmosphere, our health, our soils, and what about all that shade they provide!!

    Okay, so WIN IT!!! Email me a comment -, enter TREES in the subject line- and tell me why you became a treehugger.  Not a treehugger yet? Tell me why trees are important!!! Want to earn an extra entry-tell me your favorite type of tree!  2 MORE ENTRIES- post about this giveaway on your blog!! Make sure you let me know about it and combining all of your answers in an email would be greatly appreciated! This contest is open to bloggers and non bloggers- This giveaway is open to U.S., Canadian & International addresses! Contest ends May 2, 2008! Winner will be announced May 3rd. Thank you!

    Also, Bloggy Giveaways is having a carnival of- you guessed it, GIVEAWAYS- Be sure to check it out- there's plenty of giving goin' on!!


    Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

    P.S.  Guess what folks, I'm SO  close to having my site official and up!!! By the end of the week first part of next week -this site will be transformed!!! Can't wait!!! You'll actually get to leave comments and everything! So bear with me, PLEASE. thanks.

Wordless Wednesday- Earthday Birthday Boy, 1 YR.

APRIL 23, 2008

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April 22, 2008 

Make Everyday Earthday- Love and Support Your Planet- think green, and be eco-conscience!


1. REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE- For a better tomorrow!

2. Plan your meals for the day using organic ingredients or have an Earth Dinner Party!

3. Incorporate Earth Hour- turn off the lights for an hr. and have fun!

4. Use cloth bags when shopping- Paper or Plastic? Neither!

5. Plant a tree or garden- Or Widlife Habitat for the children

6. Clean with non toxic chemicals

7. Adopt an eco-resolution- ex: kick the water bottle habit!!!

8. Walk, ride a bike, carpool to work today! Commuting with out polluting!

9. Purchase recycled products...and know you're sustaining our future!

10- CALL FOR CLIMATE- Call your Represenative or Senator today!!! Demand a tougher action on the currrent GLOBAL WARMING CRISIS!!!


                                   HAPPY EARTH DAY, 2008! 



APRIL 21, 2009   

REMEMBER WOODSY OWL! He was one of my favorite icons...along with Smokey the Bear!! "Only you can prevent forest fires..."


Featuring: 2 Tree In A Box Kits, Munchie Mug, The Inconvenient Bag, and an Organic Bib from My Goodness Duds!!! FREE- SIMPLY...

  Email and enter EARTH in the subject line. Leave me a comment telling me what your eco-resolution is and for an extra point tell me about an eco-sin. Winner will be announced on April 22, 2008 12PM EST.      

*GOOD LUCK*        

 Mom BlogsWhile I'm mentioning the giveaway-I'd also like to SHOUT OUT the 5minutesforMom website-currently, they are running a TWO WEEKS FOR TOYS giveaway! This giveaway has gifts for babies and toddlers!! You'd be a fool not to visit their site especially if you have a little one...there always giving away great things. Ran by twin WAHM, this site is definitely at the top of my list. They work really hard over there to make sure mom's are up to date with the latest, and greatest!!   So far, this giveaway tops them all... Enter to win a Wheelie Bug, Easy Bake Oven, Trailer Bike, Step 2 Wagon and MUCH MORE! Check them out at


If you are a VA or you know someone who is, please contact us with your experience and rate information. We’re hoping to find a great match for a long term position. Please write “VIRTUAL ASSISTANT” in the subject line!        

 A bit behind schedule...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

With the celebration of my son's first birthday approaching in a mind is spinning in circles!!! We have so much to do and as always so little time. What's new, right? Anyway, I know, I need to catch up on the challenges...but for now...I'm going to postpone them...until next week. Well, I take it back, I'll post when I can. I do have good news to share with you all!!! I recently landed a job for the local paper in town as the Environmental Writer- a half page column!!! I'm not sure what to call it yet... "Environmentally Speaking" was suggested- which seems to fit. So, needless, to say, my first article is finished and is due tomorrow (I finished it yesterday before 5pm).  With that on my mind, Tristan's birthday, the car show today, Poppy Festival tomorrow, our spring clean up, challenges, and whatever else life loves to throw at ya....Oh! I know, my son is teething and has had a fever the past 2 days. He's functioning fine but is having trouble hair is turning gray!! Stop the insanity. I mean really, when do I get a break? LOL. Doesn't that sound selffish? Really, though, it's been a crazy past few days. I don't want to bore you with my exciting life but that's why I'm a bit behind schedule. AND- I also have to choose a background for my site and get things narrowed down because SOON-my fellow eco-readers- my site will look OFFICIAL and you won't be so intimidated to leave a comment. I'm hoping some YOU will start leaving comments and we can get this eco-community going. For now, I'll look forward to lot's of excitement and work coming my way! 

With the birthday party, next Saturday, I've got my work cut out for me. I still need to make the pinata and party bags. Everything else, is pretty much good to go- craft wise. I'm taking care of the food this week (and will share the menu, if possible). Our main thing- our backyard cleanup! It is in no shape or form to entertain at this point. My husband is going to pour concrete, we need to weed our entire yard, organize recyclables and take to center, sell car ( I don't want a "hooptie" in our driveway!). I hope someone will take it before the party. I have a few things lined up, so we'll see. We also have the backroom project to tackle- transplanting seedlings in our garden...the list just goes on and on...and before I even begin to start...wish me luck, pls. I hope that I'll still look slightly the same by the time this is over...I feel the wrinkles setting into my forehead and the circles around my eyes...oh bother!  I'll do my best to keep you all posted!! After tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed because "Tristan's 1st Earthday Birthday Wild Ride" is about to get started...if you like high intensity...then this ride's for you!!!

How are your challenges going- how about life in general? Pls. leave a comment in the guestbook- I <3 COMMENTS, C'mon- don't be shy- just SAY HI!!! AND, ENTER THE GIVEAWAY TOO (email only)!! It's free =ECO-COOL  stuff- can't get any better than that!

 Green message - Peas on Earth - Organic Baby Bib


"My Goodness Duds baby boutique brings the most adorable, loveable, humorous designs for the softest 100% organic cotton baby clothes. You will find yourself smiling as you watch your little one coming and going because My Goodness Duds designs are on the belly and the bum!  Great baby gifts - perfect for: baby shower gifts, newborn gifts, birthday gift and are really great for year round holiday baby gifts."You'll definitely want your eco-bambino sporting one of these adorable organic outfits!!  Enter their baby photo, free giveaways too! Check them out at
WIN IT!!! Email and enter EARTH in the subject line. Leave me a comment telling me what your eco-resolution is and for an extra point tell me about an eco-sin. Winner will be announced on April 22, 2008  

EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY SPONSOR, New Innovative Product -proud to announce the arrival OF Munchie Mug!

Thursday, April 17, 2008 

Are you eco-mamma's and dad's ready for this! Introducing the Munchie Mug! Your little one is going to love this. Snack time will be less messy and no fuss! My son just received one of these and loves it. He put is hand in the soft fabric closure with no hesitation. This is a great way to store snacks on the go! Best of all it's earth friendly and BPA FREE!! If you don't win the giveaway be sure to visit their site and make a purchase you won't regret!


  • Spill-resistant snack cup for ages 10 months and up
  • Soft fabric closure for sensitive little hands
  • Easy to clean: Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Great for healthy snacking: Cereals, dried fruits, crackers, etc.
  • Additional stay-fresh lid included for keeping snacks fresh when mug is not in use
  • Economically friendly: Made in the United States of America
  • Child friendly: Made of all FDA food grade compliant materials
  • Environmentally friendly: Made of 100% recyclable materials & eliminates waste created by plastic snack baggies that are used once and thrown away. Use the Munchie Mug, again, again, and again!!!
 WIN IT!!! Email and enter EARTH in the subject line. Leave me a comment telling me what your eco-resolution is and for an extra point tell me about an eco-sin. Winner will be announced on April 22, 2008
Tristan's cousin's Daniel and Dominic the Munchie Mug family!!! 
Just so you all know I'm not being paid to announce this great product~ it's family so you can call it nepotism, if you want! 

Operation out with the plastic...

Thursday, April 17, 2008spring clean banner

This weeks Spring Clean project is focusing on clearing out the plastic. My kitchen is littered with plastic! I never really thought I had so much until now! Almost 30 individual containers. I'm squashing my plastic storing ways and we are now planning to keep everything in glass OR other earth/health friendly option such as bamboo. I know, I know, why glass, it's breakable? Major reason- no toxic chemicals entering your system! Plastic is definitely as HUGE player in pollution and landfill waste..I certainly don't want any part of that!  

With Tristan, I'm so eco-conscience that if it means storing his food in glass jars/bowls/containers...then so be it! I won't let him handle glass!! With all the chemicals and ENERGY used to make plastic, no thank you- not anymore!! NEXT, I'm planning to go plastic baggie less. I'm going to sew up some produce bags and maybe some mesh ones for fridge storage!  I also cleaned out my refrigerator and the cubboards. Everything is shiny & fresh...smells great too!!! As for the plastic containers...welll most of them are going to be recycled, fortunately!

My sister signed me up to be an Earth Day guest speaker for my niece's 2nd grade class and I'd like to possibly RE-USE 12 of the 30 containers for a project! ANY IDEAS??? Pls. leave a comment in the guestbook. thx.

I will post pics ASAP- it's 1:02AM need to get some sleep!


 - Save money going to the florist- plant a bouquet of bulbs in pots and when in bloom you can make your own floral arrangement. Can be done with herbs too-dry out for future use! You also want to be water wise by xeriscaping your yard...planting native plants will also help build an natural habitat for wildlife!!

 - Don't ask for ATM Receipts- If everyone in the U.S. refused their receipts, it would save a roll of paper more than two billion feet long, or enough to circle the equator 15x's!

 - Try to use your sprinklers in early morning or evening. The average lawn needs only one hour of watering per week! That breaks down to about 8.5 minutes a day! Set a timer so you don't forget!

 -  With the Eco-Craze of water bottles  vs. plastic bottles- you're filling up your new SIGG and are guilty of not drinking it down to every last drop...what do you do with the extra water? Feed your plants, of course! Recyle and conserve water it's a precious natural resource!!  You can do the same with fish tanks- plus, this water will contain nutrients!!!

 Happy WW-  Bottom's Up!

April 16, 2008

Green Basics in the Laundry Room~  EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2008

The last room I'd like to share with you is the "washing" room! For starters, when using detergents for you eco-wee one, you want to be sure that their fragrance free, no dyes, and safe for the planet. There are many detergents to choose from- but as I mentioned in the "Get A Load of These" post dated March 16, 2008, we use Allen's Naturally. It does the job well and doesn't require much liquid for a load (1/4 cup or less). Also, instead of dryer sheets we use a dryer ball which softens fabric and takes care of the static cling! Recently, I've used the Shaklee unscented biodegradable dryer sheets. I can use them in the dryer with Tristan's clothes without the worry of toxic chemicals leaching into his skin. We always keep our "Mr. Trister's" clothing in a wicker basket or one made of cloth.

I line dry his clothes when I can- and for the little tiny socks- JUST lay those out on a baking sheet and bake btwn 11am to 4pm (when sun is @ HOTTEST temp) for a couple of hours on a non-windy day! It's a gusty town where I'm from...! In any case, when trying to be energy efficient launder clothes after 7pm and wash in cold water. If you do use the dryer the same time applies and if you can, try to catch the dryer beofre it ends- often times the clothes are dry before the cycle is complete!

I live in a hard water area so adding 1/2 cup of Borax to the water will soften it. Also, Borax can be used to brighten whites and of course for many, many, other uses but that's another post...on the way! :) I've also used Dr. Bronner Liquid Castile Soap to clean out the washer from too many cycles of dirty diapers. I usually do this about once a month-depending on the amount of poo. Ewww.  Add about 1/4 cup of Liquid Soap and 1/2 cup of Borax to wash - add 1/2 cup of vinegar in rinse cycle to disinfect- you can also use hydrogen peroxide. Whichever suits your fancy! For tough stains on "Mr. Trister's" clothing we use Mother Natural Stain Remover- it's vegetable based, all natural and non toxic!! We use their hand sanitizer too!

I like to seperate my laundry when doing it- for instance, jeans with jeans- shirts with shirts, towels w/ towels- etc.  In my opinion the washing gets done better! I always was blankets and towels on gentle cycle- and some of Tristan's clothes that have embellishments! I do Tristan's clothes laundry about once a week- I try to keep it to a minimum...!! Diaper laundry is another story!! *lol*

Any laundering tips you'd like to add- what ways do you green your laundry rooom? Do tell!!! Enquiring minds want to know.... Pls. leave your comments in the guestbook!!!!

EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY: The Inconvenient Bag

Enter to win this eco-fabulous grocery tote from The Inconvenient Bag! A new grocery tote business launched at the start of the year! 100% eco-friendly- organic cotton and earth friendly inks. The tote can hold up to 45lbs.! This bag is really stylish- you'll be turning heads on the grocery aisle

 ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive this eco-cool grocery tote with their latest design (pictured)!

Here's how: email me @ with EARTH in the subject line- leave me a comment telling me what your eco-resolution is and for an extra point add an eco-sin! Earn 5 extra entries by blogging or mentioning this giveaway with a link back to my site the old fashion way! Pls. let me know you did this. Also, if you refer this giveaway and your site or name has been mentioned you'll receive 2 more entries! So, what are you waiting for...go and SPREAD THE WORD. Increase your chances of winning this eco-fabulous tote! Good Luck!


 April 15, 2008logo

 One week from today, we celebrate a very important environmental "holiday" if you will- EARTH DAY! Time to start thinking about your eco-resolution(s)! Join me in the Kick The Water Bottle Habit! Earth Day is about giving back to nature and our planet. Doing what we can when we can. This year honor the Earth by eating organic  or cut back on your favorite eco-sin! A long shower maybe! Choose and action and run with it! Everyday should be Earthday! Find you inner eco-activist!

Okay, so without further delay...

Here are the ECO-PRIZES (valued at -$50) you can enter to win from now until Earth Day

  • 2 Tree In A Box kits- seed kits that contains a biodegradable peet pot with a 32 page instructional booklet on tree facts, environmental benefits, tree mythology, and growing guide. Providing all you need to grow a tree- just by add water!
  • 1The Inconvenient Bag tote- 100% Eco-friendly: The bags are biodegradable cotton canvas and all inks and dyes are environmentally correct (and non-toxic). The entire bag is eco-safe.
  • 1 Munchie Mug- a new innovative product on the market today- can only be purchased online- BPA free, made in U.S.A. with 100% recyclable materials." Innovative in both concept and design the patented spill-resistant Munchie Mug eliminates snack-time messes for children 10 months and older. The Munchie Mug features an easy grip handle, secure screw on top, soft fabric opening and durable cup; making it ideal for snacking at home, in the car or on the go." sponsored by
  • 1 organic bib of your choice sponsored by My Goodness Duds
  • More may possibly get added to the list...stay tuned!!!



ECO-RULES: leave me a comment telling me what your eco-resolution is! Earn 1 more point by adding an ECO-SIN to the comment! Want to earn 5 extra entries- post about this giveaway and link back to my site the old fashion way- http://www.recycleyourday/  Be sure to come back here and let me know about it and save an email-  combine the extra credit post with your answer! 

PLS. EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS= Enter EARTH in the subject line! Be sure to leave your full name, URL (if you have one) and email address- this way,  I can contact the winner(s). Winner will be announced on Earth Day, April 22nd!! :) (you must have a U.S. Shipping address) SPREAD THE WORD... Good Luck!!!

 P.S. Don't forget to visit Goodies For Mom where you can win prizes for Earth Day there too- I'm sponsoring 2 Tree In A Box kits there as well! So, double your chances!!!

Visit the Eco-Blog page for everyday environmental tips!!! :) Almost everyday.... 

Last week, I did a Make Your Own Mayo recipe-

This week I'd like to share a MYO Peanut Butter recipe...done the old fashioned way!!!

After realizing and mulling over organic peanut butter labels and finding out that it's more than just peanuts they're packing it dawned on me that I could make it. The cost of ORGANIC PB is getting expensive- Especially if you like the MaraNatha!! Th[nsp-mnb092357.jpg] - Organic Peanut Butter - No Stir (Creamy)is stuff is the best Peanut Butter ever in a jar- in my opinion, that is!!!! But, it's almost $8.00 a jar. At Costco you can get two jars for that price and it's organic. The Costco PB is always a backup when I don't feel like eco-splurging on Maranatha! I know I'm paying for "Quality not Quantity" but for crying out loud, I don't own a home in France, people!!! How about something a little more cost effective than that!? So, my little wheels started to turn and I remembered that our KitchenAid mixer will grind up nuts and make PB, Almond butter- whatever nut butter! 

Anyway, over the weekend I had the opportunity to grind some nuts- and remember if you don't have a KitchenAid Mixer or food processor, you can always grind nuts at your local health food store or a Whole Foods. It's still going to be cheaper, taste freshier, and the long run if done at home!! My total cost was for the peanuts $1.39 a lb.!! Bargain!

Here's the recipe and it was found @ KidsHealth -

 Hope you will find this recipe enjoyable! Oh! and we used Coconut Oil instead of Peanut definitely helped give it some sweetness and a hint of coconut taste...delish! We love our homemade PB! It's very nutty and smooth- just the way we like it and not really too oily!! I'm going to make it in the food processor next to see which method is easier and less of a mess! The Kitchen Aid mixer can be a little much to put together when you don't have much time. This summer I hope to make stay tuned for those recipes!!! Those will come from my grandmother's recipe book!!

We love PB, Honey & Banana sandwiches!!  What's your favorite kind of Peanut Butter Sandwich...??? Pls. leave a comment in the guestbook...thx!

La Cocina Verde (The Green Kitchen)- Rm #4

Monday, April 14, 2008

The kitchen is a commonplace for Tristan and I to be...we love to eat! Feeding Tristan can be a challenge but we have a lot of fun being creative. Since I've become a mom I've learned there are challenges when it comes to finding all the necessities required to feed your beloved lil' greenie. For one, you can't get bamboo utensils or bowls anywhere in my town- PVC Free Bibs- what are those?, So Easy Baby Food food trays-you're going to make your own baby food-what the..., how about ORGANIC foods in general for a baby/toddler! The reaction to my green baby saga was always gently nubbed. In any case, it took some time to aquire the items we needed for Tristan before birth...but we finally had what we felt was adequate and considered him our little Green Guy and our kitchen La Cocina Verde!!

Shopping List:

- bamboo- utensil set- bambu products

-.bamboo bowls

-Sustainable Highchair - Babylon Toddler Highchair

-Organic cotton bibs or PVC Free Bibs made by Bumkins

- Cloth napkins-(organic whenever possible or recycled fabric) to wipe up spills and messy faces! or recycled paper towels

- So Easy Baby Food Kit, non toxic- for storing your homemade baby food

- Cast iron pots and skillet- non toxic, no teflon, and great for iron deficiency- iron leaches into food while being cooked

- Organic groceries and snacks whenever possible 

- Non toxic sippy cup/bottle and other baby feeding accessories

- All natural, non toxic, cleaning products and hand soap

- Glass storage containers- operation out with the plastic!!!

Check out The Soft Landing for an array of PVC/BPA free unique items!

 While slaving over all that baby food you'll need a handy dandy recipe book to glance over. I've used this one on many occassions...

* Organic Bay and Toddler Cookbook- easy recipes for natural food by Lizzie Vann

Organic Food For Thought: Just about any baby food recipe can be converted to an organic one! Also, most organic baby food books offer lots of insight about wholesome natural foods and most recipes for go refined sugar!

Tristan throughly enjoys his greens... he's bound to have a little green in him! ; )

Our little green bean loves the following recipe and it's packed with iron too!

*Steam- peas, carrots, spinach, brocolli, and quinoa (cook quinoa seperately) puree in food processor!  Freeze and serve as needed.

What's your favorite baby food recipe or accessory? Any suggestions...??? 

Pls. leave a comment in the guestbook or email me @

 EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY -celebrating eco-style!

Sunday, April 13, 2008 

Earth Day is just around the corner and there are PRIZES to be won.  Starting on April 15th, you can  enter the EARTH DAY giveaway for your CHANCE to WIN!!! STAY TUNED for all the details. I will announce the PRIZES- (yes with an "S") on the 15th! You don't want to miss me! I'm planning to celebrate EARTH DAY with an ECO-BANG! The fact our son was born on Earth Day (turning ONE), makes April 22nd that much more important!! So, if you wanna win some ECO-COOL prizes- you don't want to miss out!

P.S. We bought our first rolls of recycled toilet paper this weekend!! It's supposed to be premium double rolls...we'll see! Making small switches where we can!

 Giving Challenge numero uno... "challenges" are becoming an eco trend!

Rosie Says: We Can Do It!


April 12, 2008

 I've been dying to do this for years and's been a LONG time and it's overdue! I finally became a member of the Sierra Club. I've always been an advocate for them but know I've put my dollars to work! Yippee.  Here is are a few reasons to join the Sierra Club:

The Sierra Club is dedicated to preserving the wilderness, wildlife and natures most fascinating wild places for over 100 years!         Illustration - Benefits Tree                                                                                  

 The Sierra Club  is America's most effective advocate of the environment!! Helping to protect the enviroment locally and globally!                      

 So while, visiting their site I took the pledge to save money (and the planet) The pledge icon is Rosie the Riveter This Earth Day, Sierra Club is asking people to commit to spending some or all of their economic stimulus check on energy efficiency or renewables like solar and wind energy. By purchasing energy efficient products, you can save money all year long by cutting your energy use -- and your energy bills. You'll also reduce your carbon footprint and help fight global warming. I challenge you to sign the pledge today!!!

Came across this contest...

I Heart Tap Water banner

 The I LOVE TAP WATER CHALLENGE...geared toward college students to convince their campus to kick the water bottle habit and make a video about it! Contest ends April 14, 2008- The prize is $1500. If you're a college student or happen to know any, act fast because this contest is closing soon! A good way to make a little money. Go and Pledge to Take Back The Tap to reduce or eliminate your use of bottled water. Then take action and ask Congress to keep our water clean!

I'm not eligible to win any money BUT I can keep this challenge open and CHALLENGE you to KICK THE WATER BOTTLE HABIT. It's the perfect opportunity to push ourselves a step further...go a shade greenier. You'll be doing a huge favor to our planet and keeping piles and piles of plastic from entering our ocean and landfills. 

The number of beverage cans and bottles that have been landfilled, littered, and incinerated in the U.S so far this year 36, 379,.... and couting....check out

I say, we add this to our list of challenges and keep it going all year long. My family's #1 Eco- Resolution for 2008 is to give up plastic and drink from non-toxic refillable water bottles - which we are incorporating into our lives with no problems thus far. So, are you in? No more PLASTIC water bottles...get yourself a fancy waterbottle like a SIGG

( and sip your little green heart out! The investment is worth it- you'll save a ton of money and save the planet while your at it. I hope you'll join me in the KICK THE PLASTIC HABIT. For this challenge you'll need a waterbottle and a new water filter! Then post your trial and tribulations weekly or monthly...on giving up the plastic water bottle habit!!  I wish I had a cool button for you to add to your site and link back here but I don't. Hang in there, my site will be officially eco-pimped soon and you'll be able to leave a comment here but for now...  

 Pls. sign up in guestbook and pledge here today!!!        I Heart Tap Water



Become an Eco-Challenger - create more green happiness!

April, 11, 2008

 Well, it's Friday and I think I'm going to end it by joining in on a few challenges in which I believe will create more green happiness and will give me a chance to network with other greenies out there doing the same!! I love a challenge and especially any that equal a positive result to our environment or special cause. So- I'm jumping in on the April slew of challenges and really putting myself to the limit!!! There's a lot to contribute with so little time. All I know is-it's time to get our rears in green gear and do something!! I'm completely guilty of sitting back and and doing nothing. The main thing here is-'m turning over a new leaf...a shiny green one, at that! Plus, Oprah's on this "giving big" kick and how it feels good to give... Spring is here, which is the perfect time to clean the slate and wipe it fresh (using natural products, of course! ; ) Let's feel good about the going green and giving!! So, enough, with the blah, get the drift- I hope! ; )    

Let's get down to it! Firstly, the Giving Challenge has me inspired..There are several ways to give back and several charities that require so little and the impact is huge. I've done some thinking and talked with the Hubby about what is appropriate financially and we've narrowed it down to a few. Wouldn't it be nice to have a bizillion dollars to giveaway? Giving back is  rewarding.  

The next dare I will combine with The Big Spring Clean. Much of the decluttering will take place during my spring cleaning. I will continue to keep you informed room by room...inch by inch as I sort through the clutter. I'm going to make a list of things to sell on craiglist and perhaps a list of things to donate. We have a few local donation centers that could use some of my crap or treasure whichever way you see it! My closet is a disaster and since pregnancy my wardrobe has basically become slim to none. My jeans are baggy and my shirts aren't just isn't flattering! (Although, I must admit the nursing has helped with the weight tremdesouly!)  Anyway, besides clothes/jeans we have a few other items that can be sold or donated. We have a ton of old records we inherited and I thought about making a buck or two selling em' through craiglist or even posting an add on freecycle. Once we tackle the backroom I'll have a better clearer picture of what to do next...and I'll keep you up to date!

Lastly, my favorite of them all and the most challenging!! The 100 Foot Diet. Since Tristan was born we've really tried to do what we can to prepare healthy meals and even going as far as making his baby food. Every year we start a garden and this year were especially excited to share our enjoyment of gardening with our son. Which is why we decided to raise chickens. It's so neat too. They're really fun to pet and watch. They'll eat right from your hand. I love it. It won't be until the end of July or so that they start laying eggs.  We've also planted a few different experimental veggies  (pole beans, green beans, and peas)  and would like to build a victory garden as the summer harvest starts to slow for lettuces and other cold growing veggies! In addition to maintaining a garden in order to keep our belly's full we are also going to can and pickle the over growth so that we can have a little of our garden all year. A couple months back I checked in with CSA to find out about local farms in my area and a CSA group. I have a learned of about 2  organic farms that is nearby and found out there is a CO-OP group. I'm planning to do more research and will get back to you with the results. 100 feet may seem crazy to some but when you think about how many miles your food purchased from the grocery travels before it actually arrives to your plate! Check out for more 3 easy steps to sustainability and much, much more!

 Okay, so that's 3 challenges!  I'll keep you informed on my progression. So, now, I DARE you to JOIN IN and become an ECO-CHALLENGER and create more green happiness in your life and possibly in the life of others or for the sake of our planet. What have you got to loose?

Remember to check out ECO-BLOG for tips, ideas and ways to help save the planet... AND- AS ALWAYS- PLS. leave your comments in the guestbook...or drop an email to 

Peace, Love & Green Happiness! Happy Challenges to you...!!!!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

April 10, 2008

I'm going to join Tiffany at NatureMom's Blog and several other green mama's for The Big Green Spring Clean! I have several projects around here that could use a little freshening up for sure...this year it's been a Spring Clean frenzy so far. With the limited amount of time to accomplish any task it's starting to pile up quick. AND- Tristan's birthday is in a couple of weekends-so, it has put more spring clean bannerpressure on the idea of a tidy of organized home and a beautiful yard. I'm trying really hard to keep up with daily chores so that I don't find myself having to do them all in day! This year, we have a few projects to tackle!

Luckily, we've already maintained and cleared out our garage- which was probably the biggest hang up! It was such a disaster and since that took place a couple weeks ago I don't have any pics to share. Tyler brought home a storage rack he salvaged from the restaraunt their was doomed for the dumpster along with couple other things "our new" wooden patio cover (last summer's save and project), and a huge potted lemon tree. The storage rack allowed for more space since we could use the shelves to store our boxes. The patio saved us a ton of money last yr.-we only spent what we needed to put it back together. We'd like to paint it and add mesh to the top to give it more appeal and add some shade (our summer project).

I've also weeded out Tristan's clothing and bagged it so that I can give it away. While sorting through his clothing I also put together a bag for donations of his misc. baby accessories. The bulky toys he grew out of are also awaiting a new home and are sitting his bedroom. I  used Caldrea, Sweet Pea spray to clean them and the smaller toys. I love cleaning with this yummy leaves everything smelling so fresh and airy. I may sell the toys to the consignment/thrift shop up the street- it's worth the trade for baby items or clothes!


Projects left to tackle:

  • Kitchen- organize and toss out tupperware/plastic containers and replace with glass storage bowls or recycled jars
  • Backroom- wait until you see the picture of this hazardous looks like a bomb exploded in here. Objective here is to clear and clean out and set up sewing camp! We'd like to turn it into a functional sewing room for crafting and continue to use it for misc. storage..mainly keepsakes and items we had to box up when we found out we were expecting. Before Tristan's arrival his room was our computer room. We live in a 2 bdrm. home the backroom is actually an out-building in the backyard. Our home is tiny so were very limited in space which is why a lot of our belongings are in boxes.  
  • Bay Window- plants need trimming- wipe and clear shelving and pot and plant a few baby spider plant offshoots.
  • DETOX HOME- rid of lingering chemicals!!
  • General Organization & reduce, reuse, and recycle along the way!

Exactly what do I hope to achieve? Essentially, less clutter, less dust- toxic pollution, a happy healthy homefront  and organization will be key! The result should create productivity and ease our minds. Along the way I'll share natural cleaning tips and ideas. We also have to get our backyard looking like a backyard before the wiggle worm's birthday...I'll try to get before and after pics of that too! Let the frenzy continue...Join me for The Big Spring Clean- every Thursday until completion!

Thursday's Eco-Green Tip: Use tissue paper to line dresser drawers- take it a step further and create a scented pouch by adding dried flowers (I used lavender) and staple together! After Tristan's shower I had tissue paper for was the perfect way to spruce up his dresser and add a personal touch.                      

Wordless Wednesday-  Learning to Walk - regular post below...

  April 9, 2008                     



   For more Wordless Wednesday participants go to!

Wooden toys are IN- Plastic toys are OUT! Rm # 3

April 9. 2008

Our playroom is the living room...we spend a lot of time exploring and enjoying Tristan's world here. Most of his toys are wooden but there's no way of escaping the world of plastic. It's everywhere. I pratically cringe everytime the plastic ones enter his mouth. He seems to have an even take on both when there laid out on the floor...but he doesn't know any better!! I try to keep the wooden toys in a wicker basket, separate from the plastic ones. The plastic basket doesn't usually come out of it's corner unless Mr. Trister gets into his Dennis the Menance mood and finds it! He also has two exersaucers that he uses! I know, I know!!!Really bad right? AND- a Tonka Truck...!!! Why choose wooden toys over plastic:

 * Wooden toys are natural- BPA Free!

 * Toys made out of plastic chemicals can be hazardous to your child's health

 * PVC & Vinyl or Phthalates can be easily ingested, especially when handling teething toys

 * Wooden toys are recyclable & sustainable- germs are less like to breed on wood

A few safe toy companies to choose from- Plan Toys, Haba, Sassy, Melissa & Doug, & Tiny Love- Plush organic dolls are great alternative too!  I also say "Quality vs. Quantity"!!!

Babies systems are vunerable and while development is taking place- plastic toys should be avoided. Look for products that are BPA, PVC, Phthalate FREE. Wooden toys are much heavier but that seems to be the only downfall! And for little boys like Tristan it's only going to build strong muscles!

 According to Discover magazine in the article Plastic People of the Universe- Everything you always wanted to know about th ebiology of plastic (but were afraid to ask). By Jill Neimark

"Chemicals leaching out of plastics may reshape not only your children but your children's children."

-Last October Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation, to get the concentration levels of phthalates reduced in child-care products for children under 3 by 2009. The ban focuses on soft baby books, soft rattles, platic bath ducks, and teething rings.   Several other states are considering legislation.

Basically, the article is relaying that BPA exposure can be multigenerational. A mother's exposure can impact the genetic quality of her grandchildren. Believing, through significant studies that BPA is very toxic, and can affect the reproductive system.  

 I recently heard that Toy's R Us will be carrying their own eco-friendly line of toys!! I'm skeptical for some's probably because it's not my top choice for toy shopping. I really like  - you can earn points towards future toys/products.  Where again, I believe Toy's R Us also started something to this effect.

  Our little monkey is just learning to walk we were thinking about getting him a toy that will help develop this ability...a wooden/metal one perhaps! His 1st B-day is in 2 wks. and we had thought about buying the Wheelie Bug... Any suggestions or recommendations...what's your little one's favorite toy? 

The Mast Head

 Aside from that, I recently joined the Eco-Mom Alliance and signed up to be a leader!! I will post more on this later...the first mtg. I'm planning to host is in May! For more information on how to join the EcoMom Alliance- visit- And- watch the Today Show this morning as there will be a blip about it...20/20 is also doing an Earth Day segment on Friday and will also be highlighting the EcoMom Alliance!

Pls. leave your comments in the guestbook located at the top left!!!

 I <3 comments!! Hope to hear from you!!!! ALSO- Don't forget to go to the Eco-Blog!!!

April 8, 2008



When Great-Grandma Dorothy died last year, we were given a cookbook she often referred to that was written by women in her hometown of Astoria, Illinois, called The ARGUS-Searchlight Cook Book- Favorite Recipes of Your Family, Friends and Neighbors. It has a collection of recipes from women dating back to the early 30's. From Hobo Stew, Snickerdoodles, to Homemade Mayonnaise!

 Lately, I've been on a Make Your Own kick-I thought I'd share an easy homemade Mayo recipe!! (whenever possible, use organic!)

Homemade Mayonnaise

1 cup of sugar

1 tbsp of mustard

1 cup of vinegar

4 whole eggs or 3 yolks and 1 whole egg

1 tsp. salt

1 heaping tbsp. flour

1 cup of water

Sift together dry ingredients. Combine the vinegar and water. Beat eggs, add dry ingredients, then add the vingar and water combination. Cook in double boiler until thick.

Here's a quick salad dressing recipe using the Mayo-

Homestyle Thousand Island

1 cup of Mayo

2 1/2 tbsp.'s of ketchup

1 tbsp of relish or chopped pickles

1 tsp. of mustard

A little S & P

Mix and Serve

Serve on a crisp green salad or slather on a veggie burger or hotdog. It's a perfect condiment combination!!!


Green Bathtime Scene - PVC Free!!! Rm. 2

 Monday, April 7, 2008

Splish, Splash you're giving the baby a bath... what might a green mama have...

While looking into a eco-friendly tub or maybe it was bath accesories...whatever it was...(it was just after Tristan was born). I happened to stumble upon the Tummy Tub- a new concept in Europe that is starting to gain popularity here. We purchased one when he was 5 months old. We'd been thinking of ways to limit baths because they use up so much water and using a bucket like the Tummy Tub is perfect. After the bath you dump the water into your garden or front lawn. The video gives you an idea of how the tub is used. I was sold on their concept and the fact that it's non-toxic, PVC/Vinyl free! A huge green plus! The tub is good from birth to 6 mos. (when I purchased it-they advertised to 1 yr. and the video was completely different!)


So, that was a few month's it's sitting in his room...awaiting baby #2 so we can use it from birth. The other day, I happened to find out about the same type of tub but one made here in the U.S-called the WashPOD made by Prince Lionhart- except that this one is  not PVC free. Both are earth friendly as you will use less water and can recycle the water after a bath!!

Prince Lionheart Bath Tub - Blue/White

During bath a few accessories can ve nevessary to occupy your child- nowadays you have the option to choose from toys that are non-toxic!! Growing up it there wasn't such a thing as a PVC toy- Hopefully, the list will keep growing! Here are a few popular ones (my fav's ;) on the market today:

 * Shower curtain-

 * Rubber duck toy and friends-

 * Bath Book- Haba Toys-

 * Baby Bjorn Potty - You can get them online only @ Target too!

 * Organic hooded towel & Bath mit-

 * Burt's Bees or Little Twig Bath products-

* AND- it you're water is really chlorinated in your area - consider a dechlorinator, for approx. $50- the chlorine in the bath water can be reduced. Of course, cleaning the bathroom with natural, environmentally safe products helps keep the toxic fumes from polluting your babies health!

Our little guy has Ezcema so we have to make sure the bath is non irriating in many ways- since the skin is the largest organ- we do what we can to make his bath as soothing and non drying as possible!

Oatmeal Bath Soak

 - 1 capful of Burt's Bees Apricot Oil

 - 2-3 TBSP's of Earth's Best Oatmeal- this stuff works great because it's so fine, that it melts right into the water!!

 - ACV ( Apple Cider Vinegar) approx.1 TBSP. - depends on how bad the break out is! Less if the rash is bad!

After the soak we try to get him rubbed down while he's still moist with Coconut Oil- which is a natural anti fungal (Ezcema is related to fungus)and helps keep the protective layer on his skin from drying out.

 "By using a coconut oil cream, lotion or just pure coconut oil you can quickly help reestablish the skin's natural antimicrobial and acid barrier." -coconut connections- Healing Powers of Coconut Oil

Bathtime can be so much fun-especially when it's an eco-friendly bath!! 

Want to win a FREE Earthbound Tote bag- go to the ECO-BLOG (at top left index) and learn how!!!

Green Friday Funtabulous Features...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Okay, so it's not a room post...but why not have a little eco-fun instead. Yesterday, I received a new mag in the mail a freebie one from American Baby! Inside there's an article on "think green" ideas for your preschoolers...from using egg cartons for dipping paints or planting a wildlife habitat for your kids to enjoy (we did this for Tristan this year)! The issue also features... where you'l find 100% organic baby clothing! The issue is filled with all kinds of great information- be sure to pick one up! Or, maybe, you'll get lucky and get a freebie like me!! :)

Looking for some really cool sneakers or sandals that are environmentally friendly...look no further... check out the SUPER CUTE Eco-Sneaks and Weebit's for infant's! They have an adorable kids selection too! There's an entire selection to choose from....don't miss out!

                                                                 ALSO- & are terrific sites to check out too!

Next up, help spread the word- get your STOP GLOBAL WARMING bracelets here and other eco-neato items!! 



Awhile back I did a post about giving up perfume...well, I found an AWeSOMe website that you'll be so thrilled about. I just purchased their new scent along with a sample and received it yesterday. Let me tell ya, it was heavenly extravagant. These perfumes are made using tradtional methods. They're  ORGANIC- meaning safe for your health and the environment!! You'll find scent names like foxy lady, flower child, and spring to name a few. I purchased their new scent Shambala and Rich Hippie (sample). Right now, their offering 20% to their newsletter subscribers!! Sign won't be sorry

Oooo Lah, Lah! 

Now, what would a post be without telling you about a giveaway?


You can win the children's book Michael Recycle about a green caper crusader with a colander hat who swoops into a town and inspires the people to recycle and save the environment. So be sure to check it out the giveaway ends of Earth Day! Good luck to you!

Enjoy the funtablous features! TGIF! Peace, Love & Green Happiness!

P.S. Regis and Kelly "Green Their Morning Scene" all next week! Be sure to watch!!

P.P.S- I just heard the news say that the new fashion trend is "Frugal Chic"!!

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APRIL 2, 2008


Eco-Nursery Essentials Rm. 1

Thursday April 3, 2008 

 Starting the room by room post today- giving you the green 411...and I'd like to begin in the most anticipated room to fill when you're expecting! The nursery is where you little one is going to spend much of his or her you'll want to consider these ideas for a greenier nursery:

  • When choosing what color you want to paint the nursery be sure to purchase a low VOC or milk paint! It should be chemically safe and environmetally friendly.
  • Crib should have a non toxic finish and made with natural wood competitive prices!!
  • Organic crib furnishings such a bedding and mattress, play a major role in the fight against SIDS   Tristan's bedding, believe it or not was purchased at Toy's R US - 100% organic!
  • If you're co-sleeping they now have an organic co-sleeper by Arms Reach- which can act as a changing table and playpin too!
  • A wooden rocking chair - a good garage sale find!!
  • Breastfeeding? An organic nursing pillow is also available!
  • We were given a moses basket that was passed down...but they NOW have organic moses baskets-
  • Organic cotton wall hangings- nature inspired-
  • We recently found a non-toxic piggy bank (& rubber duck) at
  • Organic stuffed animals are great too! Under The Nile, Waldorf, Sckoon, and MiniMO
  • Cleaning your nursery and the furnishings will be the constant- we use Caldrea products, vegetable based and non toxic- they smell heavenly!
  • Store baby items (clothes, toys, etc.) in wicker baskets rather than plastic ones! Pier1 is my favorite for things like that
  • You could also get an earth weave rug if you have wooden floors

There are lots of items out there to choose from! It would be ideal to have everything in our babies room green but with limited funds and resources we can only try our BEST. These are just a few of my favorite nursery essentials and websites where you can purchase them from!!  

Thursday's Eco- Green Tips: 

  • Grow a medicinal Aloe plant for burns, scrapes, dry skin, and diaper rash, eczema, and many other benefits!
  • Use baby shoe packaging (Robeez, Bobux, Pedipeds) to store misc. items such as nail clippers and thermometers!!

 lf you'd like to add anything, pls. feel free to share!!! You can either leave a comment in the guestbook or email me:

Giveaway Shout Outs!!! 4-2-08

  Once again, this green mama is hosting a fabulous giveaway- yay!! Win a CamelBak on the button for a chance to win!!


Have you had the chance to visit The Soft Landing??!! It's a great place to find BPA-FREE products for your lil greenie!! Don't miss out on their latest items- enter to win - 

 And the last one at Glamorous Girl Giveaway win a very cute little girls hair clip (bow).

Woot! Woot!


APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Crunchy mama's are no fools..

 While cruising around the blogosphere today- I landed at the Raising Peanuts site and was inspired to do my first Crunchy Tuesday post! I related to her post so much because last night I gave a breakdown of my eco-style ways for my parents not to keen on the Echoage idea. Basically their question about Echoage is what sparked the green rant!. So...

 Here are a few crunchy granola thoughts-

I'm passionate about living this life as simple and organic as possible for a number of reasons!! Since I belive it is our responsibility to partake in reducing our impact each day- I try to base my life around the 3R's philosophy...yet at times it can be challenging. Sometimes I  find myself captured in all the stimulus and become the "lazy environmentalist"! Most days, I'm full speed ahead with plenty of gusto (my family thinks I'm a crunchy nazi) but for us mama's here blogging it's just another day in our granola living life. I'm a happy green hippie-and fortunate enough to be SAHM. I'm learnig more and more ways to become self sufficient and ways to raise my eco-bambino! Which, I enjoy sharing with YOU!

The idea of being self sufficient and living on your own land and off the grid would be my ideal way to live. It is a great way to minimize the waste that we contribute. Lessen our carbon footprint, that's for sure. Living the sustainable lifestyle is something I strive towards daily.

 Each year my husband and I try to add a couple new ways of going green. This year, we decided to raise chickens to produce fresh organic eggs.  We have 4 chicks. They're 2 mos. old now. It'll be nice to start saving the $6.00 or so we spend on organic eggs once they start laying.

Recently, I've been a juicing/smoothie queen. I've been making a smoothie just about every morning with organic fruits! I was addicted to Jamba Juice for awhile but quickly realized how unearthy I was being by contributing to Styrofoam production! YICK... can't have that on my much as I LOVE the Acai Berry smoothie...then after realizing we go through a lot of juice too...Light came on upstairs and I've blending and grinding since. Making homemade applesauce is easy too! After go through my organic V-8, I want to start making fresh tomato juice as well- especially in the summer when the tomatos are by the basket full! This summer we are planning to pickel and can some of our harvest and make relishes or jams! A little taste from our garden all year!

Want to know a little secret my grandma taught me??? Use the left over pickel juice or pepper juice to pickel eggs! It's the best trick and a great way to re-use the juice. We love pickeled eggs.

We've been talking to our neighbor who plants his garden like the Indians and Pilgrams did it...digging holes and filling them with compost and then planting on top of it! He fishes in the nearby aquaduct and will put an entire catfish in the ground (homemade fish emulsion). He also makes his own bone meal which we may start doing too! Or rather, my husband might start doing- crushing bones of chicken, cow, pig, etc. not my kind of thing but it will enrich our garden soil . I was a vegetarian for years before I decided to eat meat again. Recently, I've decided to start going "veg" twice a week. I may even go back to my non meat eating days! My husband will always be a meat eater...he raised animals growing up with the 4-H program...he's my little farm boy! He has all the living on the farm knowledge- which is very helpful!!

All in all, my son is most important and being an eco-mama raises my awareness for his well being and our planet as they work hand in hand. Especially, when you're living  la vida mama naturale'!! My number one reason (upon reasons) truly stems from my childhood and it is the love for nature. I can be an anal crunchy mama too and sometimes I have to come back down to EARTH (LOL ) and realize that trying to be completely ORGANIC can cause a war with the world and beating myself up over it isn't going to help! We try right!!  

What are your eco-pet peeves?! Are you guilty of being an anal crunchy mama?

Please share you thoughts, I would love to hear your comments!!! You have to go to the guestbook, I know...but blog is going to be eco-pimped- end of April and it won't be an inconvenience to leave your thoughts. I'd LOVE to hear from you...comments make life fun!

 BTW- you can also email me:  Hope to eco-chat soon!!

Oh! yeah... want to win a J AUSTIN Ryan Design?? You do- trust me-  go to!!

Eco- Birthday List and Cake Recipe

APRIL 1, 2008

The countdown begins for Tristan's Earthday 1st  Birthday. Since he was born on EarthDay - we want to celebrate in eco-friendly fashion. In order to do so we are trying to minimize our  impact by: 

  • paperless invitations-  we used ECHOage!
  • using cloth napkins/tablecloth
  • serving our food on eco-friendly plates, as well as using safe plastic utensils and cups
  • baking our cake and eating foods using local/organic ingredients
  • using earth friendly cupcake wrappers & Biodegradeable balloons
  • making treat bags containing - fair trade candy or chocolate...No high fructose corn syrup!
  • holding a cell phone drive (for adults)- profits go to an environmental cause
  • making a pinata with a recycled paper bag and newspaper- only fair trade candy or chocolate and gifts that are reusable! NO PLASTIC!
  • I may be missing something...oh! I know, homemade bubbles with pipe cleaner wands too!

It's going to be a huge tackle to take on. I've prepared myself for the worst, in case I need to take a few shortcuts- Michaels had recycled napkins, 16 in a package for a buck!!- I was so surprised!! Perfect for the party! I didn't find the matching plates, bummer...but I did see some mini cloth tote bags that were  4 for $3.00! I might not have the time to sew the treat bags, so  the mini tote bags would be a great alternative. I'll keep my eyes peeled for other fun stuff. We don't have much in the town.  I'm limited to my options! There's one health food store but unfortunately, they can be costly! So, finding recycled items and or earth friendly grocercies can be a struggle. I'm planning a trip to a few local thrift stores and antique shops to see what I can find as far as fabrics. I don't want to break the piggy over this event...speaking of breaking things...The pinata is going to be a simple project that I hope to share with you...if it turns out to be a success! ; )  I'm going to do a practice run, just to be sure I know what the heck I'm doing! It's a tradition in my family to have a pinata on your birthday. I grew up having one at each birthday until we grew out of it. Usually, the pinata is purchased not I decided to take things a step further and make one using and being green in the process!  Flour and water will act as the glue! I'm anxious to see how it will turn out!

During our butter making process we did a trial run for the birthday cake were planning to serve . In the book Homemade Baby Food - Pure & Simple- By: Connie Linardakis, she has a recipe for First Birthday Cake! Along with a recipe for the icing (Honey-Peanut Butter)! YUM! With the worry of high sugar content in the a standard birthday cake this one uses honey. We made this cake recipe into a cupcake version using organic ingredients, of course...pure sweetness, I tell ya! Not the overwhelming kind either. We were given a cupcake stand for X-Mas and want to make use of it -which is where the inspiration for these popular bites came from...we'll see! 


First Birthday Cake or Cupcakes

1 cup of butter

1 1/2 cups of honey

4 eggs, beaten

2 cups sifted unbleached flour

2 tsp's baking soda

1 tsp. ground cinnamon

1 tsp. ground ginger

1/4 tsp. salt

1 1/3 cups sour cream

 Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour two 9 inch cake pans. Cream together butter and honey. Add eggs and mix. In separate bowl mix dry ingredients. Fold in sour cram. Mix the four mixture with Honey/butter mixture. Pour into pans. Bake 40 minutes. Frost with Honey Peanut Butter Icing. NOTE: Time is slightly different for cupcakes...about 20 minutes depending on your oven!

Icing Recipe:

4 tbsp's butter

1/4 cup of honey

1/2 cup peanut butter

Mix butter and honey in saucepan and brint to boil. Remove from heat and add peanut butter. Mix well. Spread over baby's cake!! : P

Any ideas, you'd like to share- please feel free...any toppings you think might add a little festive fun, please remember to comment in the guestbook??!!  thx.

April Shower's Bring May Flowers, Spring Cleaning &            EARTH DAY!!!


Spring cleaning festivities have by room...inch by inch!! The nice weather also allows us to get outside and tend the garden. It's Spring and it's time to start thinking about clearing out the clutter and perhaps make donations or earn a buck and post on Freecycle or Craigslist. Whatever it may be, the spring clean up has me in a frenzy. I have a ton of baby items I've weeded out and luckily have a few takers lined up who want them. So, as I go room by room I'll share with you the products (toys, clothing, baby accessories...etc.) we currently use that are green. I'll start with the nursery on Thursday's post!!!

How did your Earth Hour go? We lit candles and hung out while Tristan slept. We managed to keep off  all the lights for the remainder of our evening! A quiet evening to say the least. Incoporate Earth Hour into your EVERYDAY life...try to go without lights for an hr. more often!

EARTH DAY IS APRIL 22, 2008 there are plenty of ways to celebrate!!! Every Thursday, I wil lpost a tip or tips on easy ways to save the planet! Anyone, happen to catch Al Gore on 60 minutes, Sunday!!?? His "we can solve the climate crisis" campaign has launched! Sign the petition for a global treaty on climate can make a difference- we can make a change!!!!  Watch this great video that will help people understand the importance of energy conservation and limiting our daily impact.  For some this is joke...for me and my family this is a reality and we do the best that we can to live simply green!!! The planet EARTH is our HOME and in order for it to last...we must take care of it!

Go to

Don't forget about the Eco-Blog!!! Everyday, I post about saving the planet- tips, ideas and ways to create a more sustainable lifestyle! Interested, go to the top of this page it's located in the left index.

Earthworm- Family Safe Drain Cleaner/ Spring has sprung!

March 31, 2008 

Over the weekend I found an environmentally friendly drain cleaner that smells wonderful!! Sage and Citrus of my favorite scent combo's! You won't have to worry about this stuff or your baby! EarthWorm Family Safe Drain Cleaner, is made with 100% natural ingredients!! Completely biodegradeable and non toxic.  We've been looking for a safe drain cleaner...since we're on septic and need to regularly flush out the yucky stuff, we won't feel so bad doing it as often. I've used it for our garbage disposal so far and it made our kitchen smell so good. Just like a candle had been burning. Try it out!


In other weekend mania, our wildflower seeds are starting to come up along with the sunflower seeds we planted. The veggies and fruit are all up too! All over town the Poppies are kissing the desert with their golden grandeur. It is really a sight to see. The rains have brought us great wildflower splendor. I'm hoping to get out to the reserve again for more pictures before they GO! I've also been doing a little research on local farms out here and found out there are two organic farms with 20 mile radius. Woot! The chicks are doing good. They love their coop and are growing by the week...once they're bigger we can also feed them our compost scraps. They're really cute.  I'm eggscited for fresh eggs!!! AND- I think I may have found a place to get goat's milk and award winning goat cheese! Woot!

I can't believe...we haven't been making real organic BUTTER...!!!

March 31, 2008 

My husband has always told how much he enjoyed making real butter as a kid. We never did take the time to do it until now! I read the Crunchy Chicken's blog a couple weeks ago when she posted on making homemade butter...I thought it would be a great idea to do when I babysit my sister's kids. Except, that when we tried we were using Buttermilk...DUH ME! So we shook, and shook!!! LOL!!!

Today, we decided to give it whirl again, using heavy cream. it took about 20 minutes at the most.. No kids around to help either. Just me and the hubby! We're so impressed with the minimal amount of work put into making it, the fantastic taste and results you receive (amount wise) is shocking! No more packaged butter for us!! It's all about the real homemade organic butter. Now, I'm trying to come up with a good muffin recipe to slather this yummy goodness onto!!!

I edited this photo using picnik- the standard mason jar, looks chubby!

Right out of the  jar!! Yummy.


Anyone have any good muffin recipes they want to share!!??? 

BTW- CONGRATS- TO Suzanne @ Green Mommy Guide- WINNER of Tree In A Box Giveaway!

EARTH HOUR TONIGHT...   Stay tuned for 2008 The Human Footprint premiering April 13, 2008!                     

Saturday, MARCH 29, 2008


Also, be sure to check out this trailer...will premier on National Geographic!

In what ways do you reduce your footprint?!?!? What are your plans for

P.S. *GIVEAWAY* ENDS MARCH 31, 2008- Be sure to check out March 25th post!!

"Boni Ami" means "Good Friend", so if you  like Bon Ami please tell your friends about it. Thanks!!!

 This slogon caught my eye as I reached for the golden canister of cleanser on a bathroom cleaning sprint, while Tristan was out (I try to clean when he's away). You know, the one with the fluffy yellow chick  on the front! "the  secret" is - Bon Ami- Earth Friendly Cleanser!!  I've never really stopped to check out the canister before in it's entirety. The chick on the front is very cute and sweet- but, that's not the reason we buy bout'- NO chlorine, NO perfume, NO dye, NO phosphorus and totally BIODEGRADABLE! Bon Ami has been in business since 1886!! An impressive eco-scouring cleanser beating out top competitors were all familiar with! The original non scratching cleanser..."when you care about your family, your earth, and your home..." Having many uses from shoes, garage floors, to boat teakwood trim, fiberglass campers and China it certainly does the job! The Earth Share logo also caught my eye- another bonus! Bon Ami is recommended by leading companies such as Chantel, Pyrex, Regal, and Corning Ware to name a few.Their packaging contains in excess of 75% recycled material   What's not to like? Especially, these wonderful vintage ads... Check out their website to get tips and find out the many uses of this "earth friendly" wonder cleanser...

                                                                                                  Poster Ad's courtesy of Bon Ami     

What a great feeling to know you're child is safe in tub after you've scoured it!!!

It not only leaves behind sparkle and shine your sense of smell is still intact! Add Boni Ami to your next grocery list. I love this stuff! My mom has been using it for years. I use it for mainly everything in the bathroom except the windows.

I'm sharing "the secret" with you ladies, now it's your turn!!!

What's your secret?

Raising Green Kids

March 27, 2008  

We could all use a few ideas on how to raise green kids, right? It's not easy being green. We do our best but sometimes the world we live in makes it impossible.  In this YouTube video, Jane Zadadowski, will offer simple tips on how to incorporate "going green" into your child's life. Influence your child to become an eco-leader. Learn to grow greener kids...become aware of the ways to change our environmental impact and pass them on to our children. Teaching kids to lower their impact at an early age will hopefully get them to incorporate sustainable living their entire lives. Our kids are the future!

 Video sponsored by healthy living with a twist...a site worth looking into!!



What ideas do you have on raising green kids?? What inspires you to raise your child green?? My husband and I like to think we're doing everything possible to raise a green child- we make our own organic baby food, wipes, cloth diaper, use wooden toys and utensils, only use organic baby products..etc. Any little bit helps. Please, feel free to share your tips and ideas for raising green kids...BUT remember if you want to comment on any of these posts you have to go to the guestbook!!! (at the top, left, index) I apologize for any inconvenience! 

 Raising Green Kids to sustain our future!!!


   March 26, 2008                       




March 25, 2008 

During our mission to clean out and organize the garage as part of our spring clean-up...I found the Tree In A Box favors we gave out at our wedding! We have about 10 or so AND  I decided we should plant one and host a giveaway. Okay, so what's a Tree In A Box, you say??

It's a seed kit that contains a biodegradable peet pot with a 32 page instructional booklet on tree facts, environmental benefits, tree mythology, and growing guide. Providing all you need to grow a tree- just by add water!!  :)

My husband and I chose the Flowering Catalpa as it will grow practically anywhere in the U.S. The tree is beautiful and has heart shaped leafs and said to look tropical. It can be grown indoors for several years and outdoors in almost any climate. We started one 2 days ago for Tristan's first birthday in a month. Were planning to put it into a nice pot.

Tree In A Box now has Baby Tree Gift Kift and it is infant themed on the box and booklet. Now you can celebrate your childs birth by planting a tree- a Blue Spruce to be more specific! The booklet contains information on the mythology and traditions of planting a tree when a child is born to bond it with nature.... 

- Share the ancient tradition of planting a tree when a child is born to ensure long life, prosperity, and an eternal bond with nature.

 -  According to ancient wisdom, birds and animals moving through the branches of a tree planted for a child, bring that child special insight into the accumulated wisdom of human life.

I love the idea of planting a year and watching it grow as you would your child. The idea reminds me of one of my very favorite books- The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein...I was so moved as a child when I read this book!! Maybe, that's why I am who am today...

Visit where you'll learn more about tree mythology, facts, custom orders, and pricing. Their prices are based on quantity. A Baby Tree is $18- Baby Tree's or a Tree In a Box would make a great shower gift!!

SO, onto the part you've been waiting for the GIVEAWAY, lucky winner will receive - a Tree In A Box- Flowering Catalpa, 2 Alba Coconut Lime Shave Creme 's and a Rachel Perry, Citrus Aloe Facial Cleaser!! You might be wondering how the other items came into play- well, I bought these items in bulk when a store was going out of why not share...

Here are the Rules:

1. Leave a comment in the guestbook (go to index at top, left) telling me what environmental cause you're passionate about- saving the trees, the whales, dolphins- the planet- narrow it down to one specific cause and pour your heart out!

2. Place my URL on your blog/site and if you can - pls. recommend a WAHM graphics mama to eco- pimp my site!! LOL!

Remember to leave your email address and/or URL in case you win -so-I have a way to reach you!  The lucky winner will be announced on MARCH 31, 2008!!! Spread the word!

*Good Luck*

We all LOVE a Green GivEAWay! Enter Your Chance TO WIN..

March 25, 2008

I've done a little roaming in hopes of networking and meeting all the fabulous green moms out there! Here are 2 blogs that are hosting giveaways at the moment that you should definitely consider!

 I'll start with the order they were visited...

Hip Mama's place, is exactly that!! You learn about mama's and babies and maybe if you're lucky win a giveaway!! Get there before March 30th, 2008 and sign up to win the PVC free Fleurville® Diaper Bag- it's way eco-chic and cute! Get hip to the jive~


Eco-Mama's alike- we care about the planet and want to make it a better place! At Green and Clean mom you get the feel as if you're right at home. This mama gives off a great vibe and great giveaways!!! Currently, you can enter to win an organic Tees for Change shirt...

Check it out at-

 Green is SEXY! Get your green giveaways on... ; 0


Only those who attempt the absurd will acheive the impossible!!!

A Healthier Hanson's Soda & Organic Finds...

  I went to the supermarket today and to my surprise Hansen's Natural CANE soda caught my eye! Cane soda...?? Stop the record...NO High Fructose Corn Syrup...WOW! I'm in Hansen, Mandarin Lime, HEAVEN. When I found out it contained HFCS  I  dropped this stuff like a bad habit! I couldn't believe it.Especially since, it has no preservatives, sodium or caffeine. Well, now, it's no longer banned from the fridge OR my system. I don't drink soda very often...mainly good ole' H20! But, I had a craving for fizz and Wah- La! Hansen's is now made with real cane sugar!!! Hip, Hip, Hooray for HFCS free Hansen's soda! I didn't have a chance to look at all the flavors and verify that each one was HFCS free...I say this because when I referred to their site for more info the ingredients still contain HCFS- therefore it was unverifiable. You're probably wondering about the taste... It's more resfreshing than I remembered it!!


I'm so ready for first cup of decaf coffee in 6 wks.!!! It seemed like a good sacrifice until every Sunday we'd hit our local "breakie" spot and I'd forget I couldn't have any warm coffee with my Eggs Benedict. Once again, it was meant to be- another great find- organic decaf coffee...perfect! Checkit!! They're motto- is taste the difference and make a difference -in which they believe caring for their farmers, community, and environment is a #1!

 I'll get back to you as far as taste...


  Lemon-Lime Hydrating EssenceFinally, the fun find...


 Jurlique- an Organic skin care line of biodynamic beauty products! I happened to pick up the Lemon-Lime Hydrating Essence! I'm so excited to test it out. At Jurlique they believe beauty is from beauty! What's biodynamic? A farming process in which the crops are sustained and enriched during each harvest cycle.  Their VISION- that beauty is defined by sustainable connections –
to oneself, to the community, and to the earth.

Their MISSION--to pioneer biodynamic beauty by creating superior products
with ingredients from our farms.
                                           to build a community committed to authenticity
                                           and to an alternative approach to beauty.
                                           to create a rewarding environment
                                           that delivers sustainable growth.  I love both of these statements!

 Of all places, these last two organic finds are from Marshalls. You just never know what you'll find there...they had quite a few Jurlique products but figured I'd start with one first.

** Eggsperiment** and Environmentally Friendly ANAMALZ...

I was having a bit of trouble this afternoon getting these pictures to download for this blog and in the process I lost the first 5 entries on this page! :(  

 I'm not going to let it stop a little bit of blogging time though!

Yesterday's, natural dyeing process was simple and fun. I attempted this alone since Tristan isn't old enough to help and called it the "Eggsperiment". So, it was really all for me...but hey, it was an excuse to do something creative and fun!!

 I didn't "go all out" - just used what I had around the kitchen. Brown eggs instead of white for starters, (I didn't feel like going to the store and getting more eggs) from there I knew what 3 colors I was going to try! I followed the cold method recipe and used these three color concotions:

- Coffee & Hershey's Cocoa

- Cabernet Sauvignon & Tawny Port

- Curry Powder (Turmeric and other spices)

The top egg is cocoa and coffee -right corner is the red wines, and the alabaster (my favorite) is the curry powder! Hoppy Easter's post reveals the colors more...

 All three speckled and marbled!! Next time, I'll probably do the hot method and try other spices, veggies, and fruit. All 3 types worked really well for dyeing, at least, in my opinion! These eggs were so pretty that I shined them with veggie oil afterward. I really like this method and found it to be easy clean up too! I can't wait to do it again next year (hopefully, using white eggs) with Tristan!! The brown ribbon was repurposed from the gifts Tristan received for Easter. It worked out perfect for Tristan's 1st Easter Basket made from a strawberry container I had saved!! Unfortunately, the cute chickie isn't recycled...but it was only a $1-and chirped...Ahhh...into the basket it went!


My sweet sis and her fam, gave Tristan these adorable environmentally friendly ANAMALZ(Lion, Bull, and Zebra)...they're so stinkin' cute! I LOVE them. Tristan is a Taururian so the Bull worked out perfectly!! ; ) Good lookin' out sis!!

 * Organic maplewood and textile!!

 * A percentage of your purchase supports wildlife organizations around the world!!

 * Visit - features the Wild Anamalz album written by Beau Young with music influences of Ben Harper, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young to name a few...

The CD sounds whimisical and fun. Tristan would really like it...and so would I!! ; )

 How did your natural egg dyeing process go?? Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Hoppy Easter!

March 23, 2008

 This year were celebrating very low key. It's actually going to be nice without the hustle and bustle. The traditional customs are always worth the last minute hassle's too...but..I'm sure you can relate!  ANYWAY- I enjoyed my facial this morning by Jurlique. It was invigorating upon inhaling the Lemon-Lime essence. A nice way to start the day! My first cup of Organic decaf in 6 wks., was great too! It had a nice smooth roast taste. Both were worthy buying!

We visited the Poppy Reserve and I cut loose with the camera...SNAP..CLICK..CLICK..SNAP... .(I was the Poppyrazzi)! LOL!! The fields are not in full bloom yet but there are some hill covered areas. Check out the Natural Images page for a complete viewing of the magical poppies!! It was a great Easter morning...I will follow up on my eggsperiment tomorrow...more to share...more to come...

Tristan was memorized by the chirping chick! It reminded him of his lady chicks in the coop!

 I used brown eggs for my *eggsperiment*! (this really, was for my own experience than Tristan's!)    ; - )


 It wouldn't be Easter without an Easter basket and gifts from Abuelita & Aunt Heather!!! <3

Also, my fellow eco-mama's, the mod*mom button was added to the top! This site has the ultimate green giveaways!! Some of the best I've seen. We all love a giveaway! Don't miss out!

An Eco-Easter Bouquet & Basket + Organic Baby Bouquet!

                                                                                    Aren't they beautiful? One Dozen Easter Roses                                                                                                                                   

 Would you like to send someone flowers for Easter?  Why not, send them flowers from Organic Bouquet. These flowers are Veriflora certified meaning they're 100% organic! A great centerpiece for the dining table. These colors are bursting with spring joy! Make sure you check out their gourmet gifts too...where you'll find a tin of lovely organic Easter cookies for the kids (grown ups, too). They sound scrumptious! If you don't get a chance to order flowers for Easter you can send flowers any occassion! The prices are reasonable too. Remember, placing an order from here is contributing to an sustainable farming, fair labor, resource conservation, waste management and more!  If you've ever ordered from here- please share your experience.


 So awhile back I stumbled across this great site and decided to pay it a visit! It had been long overdue and the crafty repurposed projects at this site are phenomenal! Cindy, AKA RecycleCindy ,at My Recycled Bags has come up with a way to use plastic bags and turn it into "plarn"- plastic yarn. Using plarn she has extensively made handbags, totes, doll clothes, handbags, purses, rugs, water bottle holders, coasters and other recycled craft projects. These unique items are a must see. I'm drooling over the brown shoulder bag for sale! The best part- learn how to make plarn and her patterns are FREE. Her crafty creations are also made from casette/VCR tape and denim!! The Easter basket pictured was made using plarn and the handle is off a laundry soap box.  Way groovy and thrifty!! I'm truly inspired to make a plarn purse or tote.  All you crafty crunchy, green, granola, eco-mama's, domestic diva's, and ladies...

 I CHALLENGE you to make a plarn project using one of her FREE patterns. Report back and share your creation story!!

AnProductd now for...    


   the Baby Bunch bouquets... Oh boy! If you haven't heard about this site you'll want to check it out. A great baby shower gift. Each bunch in a box or bucket is filled with a full set of organic clothing. You can choose from 0-6 mos. or 6-12 mos. There are multiple bunch sets, sure to interest you!! I wish I'd would have known about these while I was pregnant! Bunch includes- onesie, shirt, socks, hat, and bib! Too cute!


      HAPPY EASTER!!.  


 Our baby chicks- Lois, Fluffy, Gina, & Henrietta! They're actually out in they're coop now and are much bigger...


 March 21, 2008

 Do you want to make a difference...??? Of course, you do! It will only take an hour of your time and a couple of soy or beeswax candles! Watch video...

 This year Earth Hour is a global event, last year it was a Sydney event.  Join this movement in saving the Earth in just one hour!!! Start a community event...see how many people, even businesses you can persuade to join in too! Let me know how your community event experience went or what you did during EARTH HOUR! Keep me posted...get it...hahahaha!! (Had too!) LOL! : P


 Greeting card: Tulips      HAPPY SPRING TO YOU! 3/20/08 

 Co-op America: Economic Action for a Just Planet

 I came across these easy tips on Green Your Spring Clean at the Co-op America site..listed in the order of my favorites..

 Let your houseplants do the cleaning! Some houseplants—such as Boston ferns, English ivy, rubber plants, and peace lilies—can help clean your indoor air by absorbing toxic chemicals. Same with spider plants, gerbera daisy, bamboo palm, and chinese evergreen (Babytalk).

I mainly have spider plants in my bay window...planning to add some gerbera's for spring color! Peace lilies are beautiful!!!

 Make your own cleaners. To avoid toxic chemicals, consider making your own cleaners. Household items like baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, and club soda, can be combined to clean everything from carpets to toilet bowls.

Live the "Back to Basics" lifestyle when it comes to your housekeeping! Borax is another all natural cleaner which is a great laundry booster and helps soften hard water! It also deodorizes and makes a great "slime" for kids!! We keep this stuff handy at all times, since we live in a hard water area. It has multiple purposes and I use it frequently.

Install a clothesline in your backyard or basement, and let your clothes dry naturally.

When we first moved into this house- we debated on whether to tear down the old rusted clothesline. After much thought we decided it could serve a great purpose in the garden and be used as a clothesline. In the summer, it's used as a trelis system for the tomatos.AND- all year long we use it to hang dry clothing!

 More ways to GREEN Your Spring Clean...


Happy GREEN Spring Cleaning!


Don't forget, ladies, it's also important to SPRING DETOX (unless pregnant or nursing) our internal systems!! Detox is the process of clearing toxins from the body or neutralizing and transforming them to better balance pH and get rid of excess congestion and mucus. There are several recipes to cleanse and elimate animal and dairy foods, baked goods and breads. 

 Here are the 2 recipes that I'm familiar with:

 - Brown rice 3-4 times a day with green tea or water (Macrobiotic approach) - 1 wk.

 - Raw Foods only! - 1 wk.

Typically, following one of these diets you eat nothing else for the timeframe. I usually do it every year for about 5-7 days. I have moments where all I want to eat is junk but it's not too bad. The results are great. The benefits: clearer skin, increased energy, fewer allergies and a more restful sleep. You usuallly go about a week or so but if you've never done it before...I only recommend doing it for 2-4 days max. Go by what you're body is telling you! Don't overdo it. I also suggest getting a book about detox. Kids can get involved too- just ADD more raw fruits or veggies to there diet!! I will share thebook I have with you asap..

 Tell me what your favorite Spring Clean idea/tip is!!! I'd LOVE to hear from you!!

 What ideas do you have for this years Spring Clean?? Do tell!!

Healthy Child Healthy World

March 19, 2008

Healthy World Healthy Child - CHEC Creating Healthy Environments For Children

  Healthy Child Healthy World is an organization focused on creating healthy environments for children. There are 5 simple steps to improve the environment within your home: managing pesticides, using nontoxic cleaniers, improving indoor-air quality, eating organic, and using less plastic. At their website you will find these topics: Food and Nutrition, Babycare, Prevention, Nontoxic and Natural products, Hazards and Threats, Sustainability and Lifestyle. There is an abundance of healthful information at this site. A great reference for eco-mama's! Subjects on how & why to green your home, recommended products and much more!  Sign up for there newsletter today! We eco-mama's need to continue to fight for our child's nutrition and see to that their health is not comprised by polluntants. In order to fight, we need to be informed and aware! There is so much that can be taken away from this site...

Also, for those interested- You can host a Healthy Home Party!!

Get more details at:

I'd like to know if you host a Healthy Home Party...come back and visit...share your experience!! I'll keep you posted on my end...

 Oh! Before, I forget I heard a radio advertisement that Ralphs has an Organic line under Premium Selections!!! Will have to make a trip to Ralphs and stroll their aisles for an organic find. Yipee...

ORGANIC FOOD PETITION, be the next to sign...

 Tuesday, March 18, 2008

 Care2 PetitionSite

Sign this PETITION to get the USDA Organic program to extend their order for personal care products to carry the Organic label the certification should be the same as food/food products. As you've heard recently, some of the "Organic" products - Jason, & Kiss My Face and a few others have been found to have chemicals that are known to cause cancer! If a product is organic then each of the ingredients should be 100%; just as with food. They go hand in hand! 50,000 signatures are needed and there are 44,044 including me!

 As consumer's we have a right to know what were paying for! I have several of the above named products found to be UN-ORGANIC... What's your favorite Organic personal care product?? Were you affected by the recent news??



 Let's celebrate an even greenier St. Patty's day!


1. Dance and sing to Irish music!

2. Wear Green!

3. Don't give into all the St. Patty's day decor!

AND- OF COURSE, it wouldn't be St. Patty's without "green" beer!

Enjoy a New Belgium or Sierra Nevada!! 

The makers of these beers have implemented earth friendly ways of reducing environmental impact!  They've really gone the extra mile when it comes to waste, power, and water consumption.

Head to where you will learn more about they're eco-conscious producing ways and a new site they've launched about car-free living and resource conservation. Also, check out 

Celebrate ECO-STYLE. Cheers!

Get a load of these...

 Sunday, March 16, 2008

   Doing the laundry around our home is quite the constant...not to mention a full day of fluff and fold! I dread doing the sock load...or  A.K.A "white's" .

 Have you ever heard of "Nellie's Dryer Balls" ?  They're used to soften fabric naturally! They also reduce drying time by 25%! No more dryer sheets, no more littering our landfills. I purchased only a package of these but wish I would have bought 2! They work really well, especially for baby clothes and towels! Consider the savings over buying dryer sheets and using up more electricity! It's worth the change for so many reasons.


  For Tristan's clothing and diapers we use Allen's Naturally. No dyes or perfumes, environmentally friendly and is ultra concentrated so "a little goes a long way"!  Great for septic systems! (Which is our case.) Allen's is also a cruelty free product! For our clothes we use Ecover or Seventh Generation Free & Clear. Ecover is lightly scented (plant based) and we enjoy a little fresh scent but for my little one, who's system is developing...I prefer to use Allen's!

A little GREEN IRONY...don't ya think?

On Wednesday afternoon my husband pulled in from work and immediately noticed one of our "Golden Wonderful's", Durgen, did not JUMP up and greet him- nor did he lift his head. Durgen was displaying signs of weakness and became very stiff  after attempting to walk. We immediately rushed him to the vet clinic. My husband was driving and I swear, I thought we we're all going down together! It was definitely an emergency! After what seemed like forever the vet told us that he had signs of Strychnine poisoning. We did not want to believe what we were hearing...what we were seeing...our "Baby D" was going to doggie heaven! As I'm sure you can relate, loosing a pet- is no day at the park. Thoughts running wild. Is he going to live? How did this happen? Finally,  we had come to the conclusion that he had eaten a poisoned gopher. Durgen, also had a temperature of 106! Dogs run a little hotter but this could mean...brain damage. Again, ?'s...will he ever be the same? We were beside ourselves. Durgen would have to stay overnight. 

The next morning he was still pretty ill. He was not responsive and the outlook looked very grim. It wasn't until yesterday evening that he started to come around. He still had to stay a 2nd night though, so, the vet's office offered to let us come by and bring him his favorite food. We not only brought his favorite food- we also brought him a dirty sock (his favorite toy) and a Frosty Paws. Although, he did not eat any of the food or dessert he acted like he was ready to come home. He didn't want us to leave him again. (It's weird when you connect with your dogs vibes.) He was also up on all 4's and understood commands. That hope was just what we needed to settle down for the night.

Anxious to see him the next morning, we raced over to the vet's office! Durgen was so happy to see us. His usual characteristics were shining through. He was going to make it! He still hadn't eaten, so the vet was a bit concerned. He felt Durgen should continue on the IV for the day,  just to keep his system flushed.  Later today, when we returned to pick him up- he seemed like a new dog! He knew he was coming home and he was a happy camper. "D-Monster" was back IN ACTION. PHEW!!!!

Now, for the irony- Strychnine is a VERY SERIOUS can die just from inhaling the fumes. It is odorless and only a SMALL amount is needed to destroy a person or animal's life. Gophers are rampant in the desert. Durgen loves to hunt out a gopher! What are we going to do? Someone is poisoning gophers, with this stuff. As if it's going to kill off the entire population!! It's going to do more harm than good- think about it- putting it into the ground...contaminating our environment and wildlife. Don't get me wrong, gopher's are freakin' annoying...they dig holes and leave fresh dirt piles beside it. They're pests, no doubt. But, there must be a better way to rid your yard of gophers than Strychnine. Isn't there a natural remedy? There's gotta be something mother nature designed to combat the pesky critters. We live on a little less than a quarter acre with plenty of area for gophers to pop in out of. Since we don't use Strychnine ourselves for the gophers and the neighbor next to us "would never" (dog lover's, too) our investigation may have to go further... Strychnine should not even be SOLD to the general public. VERY TOXIC, SCARY STUFF, were dealing with.

It almost killed my "Durg durg" and who knows what else is being threatened. The gopher's more than likely have an underground tunnel system they've cleverly dug and there is no way of ever knowing who's yard that gopher came from.  We feel very lucky that Durgen survived.

 Durgen will be 7 in July! He's still our puppy...our "D-D" as we affectionately call him! We're so grateful that we didn't lose him. It was truly an experience I will never forget. 



 a few words...

 As the UBP party comes to end, a toast to all of you mama's out there! This was a great opportunity and success. I can't wait to party with you all next yr.! Hopefully, you enjoyed mingling! What a great number of talented mama's out there! Inspiring, to say the least. Happy UBP- hope to eco-chat soon!

SHOUT OUT! Connecting with other green mama's: - You'll get the green 411 at this site! Check it out! 

Thirfty Nifty Tote GIVEAWAY!! 2 EASY RULES...Sign guestbook by leaving your favorite eco-splurge, then place my URL on your blog/site. Ends March 17th!

BTW- Jamba Juice, is now offering ORGANIC Pumpkin Flax Seed granola! Choose from three different flavors:

 * Mango Peach Topper

* Berry Topper

* Chunky Strawberry

They were giving away free samples of the Mango Peach Topper while there...good stuff. Would've been great if the entire smoothie was organic!  Perhaps smoothie operations, will figure out how to stop using Styrofoam too! Where there's a will...

Green brownie points, anyway!

 Speaking of organic... go to...

A local organic farm directory. Search for markets in your area!


***Best gift by far for expecting or new mom's! Get your ERGObaby carrier HERE***



 ERGObaby carrier awaits you and yours- get one today!


 If you're expecting or need a gift for a special mama the ERGObaby carrier is a must have for all mama's. Not only is this carrier pure comfort for both baby and mama; it's functional too. You can carry your little bundle of joy just about anywhere. Wearing your baby offers many moments that wouldn't be possible without the carrier. The ERGObaby carrier isn't exclusive to the front position either - tote your babe around on your hip, hand's free or give piggy back rides in style!!! A product you can rely on! ERGObaby carrier is worth every penny and every journey. And for mama's who are nursing...allows you to discreetly feed your baby! Easy on and off and your baby's safety is #1 wearing this carrier!

 Tristan absolutely loves the ERGObaby carrier...usually he'll take a nap while I'm shopping. Works out for both of us. I believe the movement and closeness he's feeling allows him to feel safe and secure...a perfect combination for a snooze. Often times,  I prefer to carry him around in the carrier than push him in a stroller. Handy to have and just makes life simple. Mama's need simple and convenient, Mama's need ERGObaby carrier! AND- Dad's too!!!

La Mama Naturale' GIVEAWAY = "Thrifty Nifty Tote"



Inspired by all the other blogger mom's out there and the UBP... I'd like to host a give away also, in hopes of luring some of you back for future eco-chats and tips!! Besides, it wouldn't be a party without games and prizes, right??

SO- this Eco-Mama would LOVE to giveaway an original Thrifty Nifty Tote! I've started to sew grocery totes using old bed sheets, recycled fabric etc. and have made them for friends and family...NOW I'd like to share one with YOU! The Thrify Nifty Tote will be FREE to ONE Lucky WINNER! Eventually, I may sell a few for fun...but I'll start with a GIVEAWAY...



1. Leave a comment in the guestbook, including you're favorite eco-splurge!

A few of mine- Organic Fig Newton's by Newman's Own, Alba, Tropical, lip gloss & my EARTH shoes (which I will be blogging about shortly).

2. Link my URL to your blog/site,

- spread the word- One Lucky Winner will be announced on March 17, 2008!

FYI: Go to Eco-Blog page... my first post talks about Thrifty Nifty Tote. I blog about saving the earth TOO. But, mama's are SPECIAL so I dedicated a page just for us!

***Good Luck****

Congratulations to Green Mommy Guide/Musings!! You are the winner!!!!!!!


                Cherry Blosom Tree

 The magical poppies...hoping to make a trip to the reserve this wknd.!!!

GO TO Eco-Blog! Look here for tips on saving the EARTH and more...


 Not only do I blog for other Eco-Mama's like myself but I also have a page for blogging about saving our planet.  Have enough time?? I hope you will stop in the Natural Images page as well!


 I can't get any pics to upload on my blog page for whatever reason...I'm working on these glitches tho'!! ANYWHO- this is the cosmetic bag I promised a pic of in my Eco-Blog- purchased from Target!!! It's a very fun green color on the inside.

perfume junkie, no more!



In an effort to rid my home, family, and self of toxins... I've made the decision to use only natural perfumes. Having 16 different bottles you'd think it would be difficult (the above photo is a great depiction). They've hardly been used this past year and prior. 

During pregnancy, while my sense of smell was heightened, the perfumes were too strong. Now, almost a yr. later, I still feel the same way (nursing, may have something to do w/ it). The scents are intolerable, so overwhelming, a headache is soon to follow. This never happened before!! From now on, it's natural scents for me- pure aromatherapy.

When you consider the chemicals contained in your Eau de Toilette may be the same as those put into a's time to kick the habit! LOL!  Best to keep our toxin exposure LOW. I'm not sure what I'll do with the old one's yet! ???? For now- they've been swiped off the top of my dresser...  

At - they have an assortment of eco-friendly fragrances!  The description gives "Why it's Good" and "Why it's Green". The Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau de Toilette Natural Spray sounds heavenly!!

For more information,  go to  or

There you can find which perfumes are low in toxicity. Several of my perfumes were listed including the one rated the highest for phthalate's!!! Okay, so, I kept two that were surprislingly very low. Check it out, your "fav" may just be listed!

If any of you eco-mamma's would like to share your favorite all natural scent or have ordered from Sprig...Pls. feel free to drop a line (or, two) in the guestbook and tell me what you're favorite eco-scent is!

So far, a little lavender and vanilla are my home remedies... easier on the budget, too!

 I may have to resort to the vintage perfume bottles! Now, how fun would that be?!!?

Join the party and mingle!!




shaklee giveaway

 Be sure to check out this giveaway!



Hello Ladies,

Welcome to the party! Here you will find information on natural mothering and raising green babies. I'm new to this blogging life, so, pls. bear with me. I'm currently a SAHM with a 10 mos. old son. I'm 29 yrs. old and married to a wonderful man for 2 yrs.- dated for 10! We have 2 Golden Retriever's, and 4 chickens. My passion is to spread eco-awarenes and live life "a la naturale' ".

Enough about me, already! Let's get this party started!!

Homemade baby food in the freezer, is all we're serving...

 Butternut Squash Quinoa Pasta, anyone?  J/K!! LOL! 

 How about a Bloody Veggie Mary, instead!

You can add marinated asparagus,celery, green olives, radishes or pepperoncini's to give it more appeal, if you'd like! 

Help yourself. Mmmm....yummy!

Prize Wish List- Good For The Kids- gift certificate, $40

                 Happy Panda- gift certificate, $50

     Nature Mom's- 2 reusable lunch bags & Chico shopping bag   

             AND- Non Toxic Tots- Kleen Kanteen Sippy Cups   

 The prize list is awesome...with a couple baby shower's to attend soon, these prizes would make great gifts too!   What prize(s) are you hoping to score?!!?                     

Get your UBP on, girl-girl!!! Pls. browse through my site and leave a comment in the guestbook!! I would LOVE to hear from other mamma's out there...

 Come back and visit soon!!!  Peace, Love & Green Happinesss.

ERGObaby Carrier/Email Feature!!!

  If you haven't heard of the ERGObaby carrier yet, you're missing out! One of the best gifts we've recieved by FAR. A great way to tote our little guy around, while still being stylish and comfortable! Since my husband and I love the carrier so much...I decided to send them an email! So, to make a long story short...

Tristan and Tyler are featured on their testimonials page!!!

 Isn't that exciting!?! We thought so. Be sure to check out their site while visiting! You'll learn about babywearing and the benefits. The ERGObaby carrier plays a major role in the structure of our day. It is a lifesaver because if all else fails (and it does)...the ERGObaby is there to the rescue.  ERGObaby offers unique items for both Mom's and Dad's. The best part- they now have an ORGANIC line!!!

A green thumbs up!!!

                                   For Mom & Baby Mags

  The concept of becoming a "greenie," or in our case ladies, "green-mamma;" is getting a lot of attention these days! In the March 08' edition, of Domino, you'll find 150 EASY WAYS TO GO GREEN! Including other articles that explore the simplified lifestyle of eco-chic!


  * the low-carbon 20 - mega brands who have adopted ways to help our environmental crisis-support their efforts with our business! Cliff Bar, Aveda, and Method to name a few!

 * Domino Deals- enter to win energy-saving appliances worth over $3000 and;

 * Shaklee Giveaway- 27 piece set, which includes eco-friendly house cleaning products! www.dominomag/magazine/deals

 *PLUS, an HGTV Green Home Giveaway 2008! 

 AND- for our babies - check out the latest babytalk! Filled with earth friendly info and ideas to go natural! 


- Natural Toys/ Organic Clothing

- "Eating Green" article on why organic is good!







SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST: mothering!  A huge favorite. This mag offers tons of natural mothering information. Their website is filled with much, much more! It is printed on 100% recycled paper or you can go digital! Pioneer's of the natural mothering world... As a subscriber to this magazine, I love it, because the articles are informative and include topics on the "up & up"! I vow to go digital after this yr.'s subscription! A little secret: I have magazine mania...planning to rectify the issue...

This is the most recent cover. HIGHLIGHTS- are endless! 

  Okay... one last thing, each mag, had approx. 3-4 subscriber cards in it...

Green tip: Instead of tossing them in the wastebasket use them for bookmarks!

Have any green tip ideas on what to do with old magazines or subscriber cards...pls.feel free to add your tips in the guestbook!!!! Your ideas are more than welcome!

- Green Ad Awareness-


 I still keep in contact with my former Bradley teacher and found out about this ad while visiting her blog! A topic that is quietly damaging the health of our children. After finding out her son was diagnosed with Autism, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey launched a campaign.

The campaign ad's slogan: 


   * Mercury. Aluminum. Formaldehyde. Ether. AntiFreeze.*

     Green our vaccines. And administer them with greater care.

                          Why are we giving our children so many vaccines so early life?

The syringes you see are a comparison of how many vaccines were administered in 1983 to NOW. 10 vs. 36 is quite significant! The main issue here is the Autism rates are increasing.

View the ad in full by clicking on link!

AND- just so my readers know, you're more than welcome to leave a comment in my guestbook...Pls. bear with me...still in the design process...thx.

Or, if you'd like you can email me at would love to hear from other green mamma's!!